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Twitter News #1 (catch-up of sorts)


  • You cannot edit or create mini-trons
  • The De-unified tag straps are in as an unlockable…
  • …as are the Million dollar title & WCW championship.
  • Trash cans will dent when superstars are slammed, powerbombed etc. on them.
  • Landing on weapons causes extra damage.
  • There are two sizes of ladder this year.

Roster related

  • Masked Kane is in as an unlockable
  • Maria, Goldberg, Trish, Lita, Khali and Eddie Guerrero are not in the game this year

Universe Mode related:

  • Using non-default titles (million dollar belt, WCW title etc.) in Universe mode is possible but rankings will not apply to those belts

I found that someone on the CAWs.ws board is doing something similar: http://caws.ws/forum/topic/381522-twitter-updates-sep-13/


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