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I may wet myself…

So I’m nerding about and checking some facts and searching for info on SVR 2011 and I start to realize just how much we’re getting this year (especially since there’s more ‘BIG’ news to be announced).

Physics system
Seriously…wow. I know that by now we’re all kind of used to it as it was the first big thing to be bragged about. But thinking of the possibilities…stacking 4 tables outside the ring (two sets of 2-high) and having Taker do that chokeslam from the turnbuckle to the floor (if it’s in this year that is)…or performing a Pepsi-Plunge from the turnbuckles through a table with a chair on it…hell, something as simple as a piledriver on a chair is amazing enough! But just think of the accidents that will happen. I saw a video yesterday where Miz got powerbombed and his head struck the lower rungs of the ladder. I saw Edge land on broken table sections…Orton landed on a chair…and best of all, they sold the collision! On top of that, we’re told it actually causes damage!

This physics system really revamps a crap load of match types…Hell in the cell, TLC, Extreme Rules etc.

Universe Mode
Ever since the old N64 games, I’ve had ‘my own WWF/E’. I used to write down matches, PPV’s and keep track of title holders, feuds and…well, other crap. Last year THQ introduced Story Designer. I used it to create my own shows and angles and although it was a great addition…it was very limited, hard work…and worst of all, I knew precisely what was going to happen in the cut-scenes/angles. Universe mode will not only do everything for me, it’ll surprise me with cut-scenes, feuds and matches that aren’t simply randomly generated, but based on what’s happening in my very own WWE. For lack of a better expression, it’s bloody AWESOME!

This year we get corner finishers…Pepsi Plunge? Yup…avalanche – death valley driver, razors edge, Samoan drop? Yup, yup and yup. Combine these new finishers with the physics system and you should be having some serious fun smashing tables.

HUGE Roster
70+ superstars and divas…3 packs of DLC! One of which has 3 Nexus members, British Bulldog and…well, Lex Luger (meh) but at least we get a Shad alt. attire! (Miz was a hoot on that) Speaking of alt.attires, we’re getting them for ‘most’ superstars! One I’m most hyped for is masked Kane! I’m still holding out for getting the Ministry Taker too but not sure yet (I’ll be buying the Hitman edition).

This may not sound like much…but not only do we get patterns back, we can mirror layers! As a crazed CAW maker, that’s a BIG plus for me! It’s also said that the 3D parts ‘cost less’ points this year.


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