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Tag Titles and the unified entrance screw-up

So they (THQ) did something awesome and awful this year…they added in a multi-title entrance! Which in itself, is a great addition! (and about bloody time too!)…however, they either forgot or didn’t bother to mo-cap an entrance for a tag team holding the unified tag straps (THQ fella Marcus Stephenson says that ‘there’s no excuse’ for it – it just wasn’t done)…which strikes me as a little odd. Surely, the main reason to add anything even remotely close to an entrance with more than one title would be to accommodate the tag champs having four belts? Don’t get me wrong, I’m over the flippin’ moon that I can have Regal come out with two belts (he’s been my world champs since I got 2010) but I don’t want my tag champs to come out separately and with the same exact generic double title entrance!

A fix?
However, it was confirmed that the ‘de-unified’ titles are in as an unlockable. This means that we can use the World tags straps instead of the double titles…but it does come with issues. So, say you’re using Universe mode and you want to have the Hart Dynasty defend the World Tag titles against Cryme Tyme. Great, now HD will come out to their tandem entrance and have the tag belts around their waists…BUT, I have to wonder if whoever we stick the unified straps on will interfere or do some cut-scene as the champs and ruin everything. In other words, will we just end up with 3 sets of tag titles and have to have someone holding them all? Can we vacate titles? Is it possible to not use the unified tag belts in Universe mode, perhaps by assigning them to a couple of wrestlers we aren’t using on either roster? Or will Universe mode demand that we use the unified straps since they’re default titles in the mode? Also, there wouldn’t be any rankings for the tag belts in Universe mode as, although you can defend unlocked titles, they don’t have rankings like the main belts do (WWE, WHC, IC, US, Tags, Divas, Womens).

I know it’s no BIG deal over-all…but I’m hoping there’s a ‘get-around’…I skip some entrances when playing, but I do like watching the champs enter as it helps create the impression that a certain team or individual actually holds that belt in the game.


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