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The remaining 14…

OK, we’ve had most of the roster revealed…but THQ are holding off on posting up the last 14 names. So let’s see what we can guess based on math, logical elimination and Marcus’ ‘no comment’ vs ‘n0t this year’ statements.

Regular Roster:

  1. Carlito (‘no comment’ and the leading guess on the boards for Raw’s last slot)
  2. Mickie James (Marcus has hinted a LOT about her being in)
  3. Shelton Benjamin (again, ‘no comment’ and a very logical pick)
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???


  1. Yokozuna (Marcus says that one is a ‘dead wrestler’ and didn’t say no to Yoko like a lot of the rest)
  2. Ultimate Warrior (Marcus has mentioned Warrior a lot and did a ‘;)’ response and other leading hints and whatnot)
  3. Randy Savage (see above and also Savage had a DVD and crap)
  4. Austin (seems obvious and Tank’s dropped hints)
  5. Rock (‘no comment’ and ‘;)’)
  6. ???
  7. ???

A couple of things that were said…one is that when asked ‘Which roster addition do YOU find most shocking’ Marcus said ‘One of our Legends that we haven’t revealed yet :)’. Hopefully that just means it’s someone awesome and not a hint at the Shockmaster! 🙂 Something else is that Marcus said that one of the legends has never been in and SVR game before…but then, a few of the one’s he’s hinted at haven’t.


One response

  1. Mr. Wonderful

    I read that there is a wcw legend in this year. Probly Goldberg.

    September 13, 2010 at 7:03 pm

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