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Mystery 14 update

So we got 5 more yesterday…cool to see Batista’s spotlight entrance but the rest were very underwhelming. Plus, although it was said that a mystery guy or two would be unveiled,  non were (well, actually there was 3).

For some reason Tank went on to give away the 3 mystery spots they’re going to show on Thursday. Paul Bearer and Vince McMahon were hinted (STRONGLY) as well as Hornswoggle (who’s on the WWE.com site). No idea what in the blue hell Horny’s doing on the roster list considering you can’t play as him???

So this week was a bit of a let down for me. We already knew Vinne Mac was in and Paul Bearer let slip a billion years ago that he did VO for RTWM…and Horny is useless. So although a couple more spots will be opened up tomorrow, I’m expecting Chavo and Matt Hardy or someone along those lines. Next week should be way better as they have to be running out of crap to show.


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