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Marcus has said on his Twitter account that we should be getting a Universe Mode video today (it’ll end up posted above if it goes live some time soon)…

How will you play Uni-mode? I imagine a lot of people will re-create the current WWE and try to have their Universe mimic TV. I see people saying that and I have to wonder why? and think, what a waste! You have full freedom to rule over a virtual WWE, import whoever you want to your roster via CAWs and push or fire whoever you see fit.

For me, I’ll be taking out a few guys and all of the divas (if there were more matches allowed per show I’d leave them in). I’ll be adding in a whole bunch of legends like Ultimate Warrior, Macho, Jake Roberts, Mr.Perfect, Rick Rude etc. and bringing in some ECW originals (RVD, Dreamer, Crazy, Sabu etc.) and some Japanese and indy guys. Basically, my plan is to meddle with it as little as possible and see what plays out, see who climbs the ranks to the number 1 contender spots. It seems like an awesome concept to be able to have the likes of Mitsuhara Misawa end up battling with the nWo or the Warrior taking on Sheamus for the World title. If I do interject, it’ll be to re-ignite classic feuds like Dreamer versus Raven.

We’re getting some more roster revealed today too…should be nothing special.


One response

  1. Rafx

    Its about time i foumd someone who thinks like i do. This mode should be fun

    October 2, 2010 at 2:20 am

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