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Roster update

The roster’s good. Not fantastic at this very moment but with the coming DLC and the possibility of some great legends, it could be really amazing.

Problem here is again, marketing…they held back some spots and left them a mystery. Now you expect that anyone with any sense keeps the best for last right? Well, I get the feeling that THQ are ass-backwards here. They show us the great array of current stars and then bring out Vinnie Mac, Bearer and Hornswoggle. I’d have been more hyped about Paul Bearer but he seems to have no use at all or anything special about him…no special entrance with Taker, no urn and is non-playable. He’s clearly there for RTWM purposes so then, why hype him as part of the roster? I guess this is the ‘marketing genius’ that Marcus is always telling us we can’t understand.

Hype…that’s the other problem…they give you the idea that something unbeleivable is going to happen and then make you wait forever…teasing but never delivering. In the mean time, everyone’s brains are going a million miles an hour and coming up with wrestlers that fit the hype…like Goldberg…Savage…Warrior…Yokozuna. With this long of a wait, it had better be all of them or else people will be dissapointed whatever the mystery spots unveil.

THQ…for crying out loud. Some common sense here. If you reveal 3 or 4 mystery spots…and you have say, 3 crappy people…then throw in a good one too. The idea should be to keep people talking, keep them happy and to keep them hyped. Throwing out the crapola first will just get people to stop checking back for more. If you take a lick of an ice cream and it tastes like turd, are you going to persistently keep licking in the hopes that the centre tastes good or throw it away?


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