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Legends Update

OK…one last time I’m going to give this a shot…

Confirmed ‘No’s
Yokozuna, Rick Rude, Mr.Perfect, Sgt. Slaughter, Virgil, Goldberg, any divas, Ted Dibiase Sr. & Eddie Guerrero

Already Revealed
Hitman, Austin, Rock, Bulldog, Luger

Alphabetic Order? (My guess in parenthesis)
If so, then a lot are ‘knocked out’…
Bret, Bulldog, Luger, ??? (Randy Savage/Ricky Steamboat*), Steve Austin, ??? (Terry Funk), The Rock, ???(Ultimate Warrior), ???(Vader), ??? (No idea!)
*Really can’t decide between the two.

Since there’s 3 spaces left after ‘T’ (The Rock) I’m almost dead certain that Ultimate Warrior is in. If he’s not, I’d struggle big-time to fill in the 3 spots alphabetically. Also, I fully expect Vader to be in. He’s been in before and I’d expect the same model again. As for the remaining ‘no idea’ roster spot…could be someone whose ringname starts with ‘the’…the Big Bossman, The Iron Sheik or The Red Rooster…well, maybe not the Rooster. On the alumni page, there’s Tugboat…again, doubtful. There are others like Umaga and tajiri but like Tugboat…they don’t fit the ‘Legend’ status I expect that they would.

Dead wrestlers & WCW wrestlers.  Marcus and Jon both have said that at least one on the list is a dead wrestler…of course that could be the Bulldog…just not 100% sure since he’s DLC. WCW guy could be DDP…but he doesn’t fit alphabetically. Vader could be considered a WCW guy too…just not likely to be the case.

I expect the Warrior and either Savage/Steamboat…other than that…I’m stumped.


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