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Videos…reeking of newness.

OK, here’s the link to one gametrailers.com-exclusive-finishers

Tables Matches with Bryan Williams

SVR11 TV Commercial



So there’s something posted up on the CAWs.ws forum…it’s in German from wrestlinggames.de:

the game has been tested in the new GamePro. most important news that I had not heard here, is to edit the possibility matches. one can eg an iron man match play in the cage.
is explained in detail in the test did not. I hope it like with the n64 games, is there one could almost always a lot of cool combos set

If that’s true, and I have thought this to be the case for a while, then SVR11 is complete and reeking of PURE awesomeness in my estimation. Now I must say that this is UNCOMFIRMED! This has not been announced by THQ and it is has not been posted by a gaming site as coverage of the press conference either. I’m treating it as pure speculation or simply as a rumor. However, it certainly does fit in with what Marcus and others have been saying about the ‘100+’ match claim…and it’s not a specific match in itself, but a match-type right? I have to warn anyone reading this that even if it is true…you shouldn’t immediately think ‘ROYAL RUMBLE IN A CELL!’ or ’10 MAN TLC IN 3 STACKED CELLS!’…You have to be realistic. You would probably be able to create a match similar to the HIAC opener – a 3 way, submissions count anywhere match…or a 4 man elimination…or an Extreme Rules ladder match. Even the last one, I’m thinking twice about…but if you can stipulate that a match is, say, 2 out of 3 falls…or a falls count anywhere TLC match then I’ll be MORE than happy.

Whether or not this is true…or whether the remaining legends are the Brooklyn Brawler and Pez Whatley…SVR11 is by far the best looking wrestling game in history. I say ‘best looking’ as I haven’t played it yet but it certainly seems to have the most promise.

Prophetic Roster
I was just thinking how well the roster is turning out…well, I know we still don’t have it in full but THQ added Paul Bearer a long while back and he returned a month before the game comes out. Also, having Nexus members, whether they have the arm band and shirt or not, is pretty awesome.

Something to remember is that there’s a DLC pack 3. If people say ‘no comment’ or ‘wait and see’ or there’s something that you think should be in the game…it might still be coming.

New Info on Wednesday
The press conference that covered ‘tons’ of info on SVR11 took place in Dallas on Sunday. It’s said that the info will come out (or at least some of it) this Wednesday (source: http://twitter.com/#!/stephensonmc ). No idea where it’ll come from…IGN? Gamespot? The official site? If it comes out Thursday or Friday, don’t shoot Marcus (or me)…it’s 90% that it should be then but you never know.

I recently posted on CAWs.ws (I’m the Invisible Man) that I was embarrassed to be part of their community based on some of the comments directed at THQ and other members of the forums…I stand by that. I really wish that the decent SVR fans had a place to call their own where the trolls and idiots weren’t allowed. Perhaps that’s something I should make? An exclusive, invite-only forum?

Is it me or did Raw have a bigger and more impactful feel to it than the HIAC PPV?

I have a post that’s remained in the drafts folder for a week…it was called ‘Marcus and THQ’…and then renamed ‘Lazy THQ, really? REALLY?’. I’ll post it at some  point but wanted to point out that although Marcus gave me a shout out on his Twitter (see quote below) that it won’t alter any opinions I offer. I am always  100% unbiased in my blogging and will remain so. Regardless, it was very flattering!

Marcus Stephenson @stephensonmc Marcus Stephenson
WOW! This is a FANTASTIC SvR fansite: https://svrnerd.wordpress.com/

Thought this was a decent edit:

HIAC Video

This past week…

OK, so what happened this past week and what’s going through my noggin…

RTWM Video
One of, if not the biggest things this week was this kick-ass video showing a few new things:

The free-roam looks frickin’ sweet! It was one of the things I was least hyped about as the RTWM never does that much for me…it fun, but not why I buy the game. However, the free-roam has added to the mode so much that I’m actually looking forward to playing them.

The roster reveals…as well as a bunch of wrestlers I’m not too fussed about seeing (I like playing as them but since I knew they’d be there, it’s not much of a ‘reveal’) we also got to see a few mystery spots filled – Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox, two released superstars are on the roster…this is great news on both accounts. We also saw The Rock and Steve Austin revealed. Now, I could have guessed (and did) all four being in this weeks reveal but it’s still great to see them there. Disappointments? Of course, no Austin vest…and a very poor stunner animation. I’ll get over the vest not being in and I’m pretty sure there’ll be more than one stunner in the game, so I can change that up in his moveset. Highlight for me? Without a doubt…the COBRA!!!

There’s a lot of talk about who the remaining 5 legends are. It would appear that THQ have them listed in alphabetic order…so that should help narrow down the possibilities a little…plus, Marcus has said no to a few (Rude, Slaughter, Dibiase Sr. Goldberg, Lawler and a couple more). I still think macho might be in…he could be listed as either Randy Savage or Macho Man and both would have a spot open. Ultimate Warrior would fit in their too…and although everyone’s writing him off because he did very naughty things to Santa in a comic strip, it’s a possibility…plus, Marcus did his ‘No comment’ thing that he did for Austin and Rocky. I’d love to see Curt Hennig as a legend and LOD even more so. Speaking of LOD – the doomsday device is back in this year (confirmed by Marcus) so it might be possible that it’s reanimated BECAUSE LOD are two of the legends? Just a thought. But if you take the alphabetic thing into account, they’d have to be in under ‘Road Warrior Hawk’ or ‘Road Warrior Animal’ to make it. Regardless, if their entrance makes it in again, the shoulder pads and the D-day…I’m a happy fella!

Press Conference Sunday!
Marcus says that there’s a press conference in Dallas on Sunday (HIAC PPV). They should be throwing out a ton of last minute info on stuff like CAW mode, SD and perhaps explaining the 100+ match claim. Knowing the THQ marketing this year…it’ll tell us nothing and just have a bunch of kids playing SVR 11 demos with guest appearances from a few superstars.

New Video in it’s way
Marcus mentioned that a new video has just been completed. I suspect that it might go up on Sunday like the other gameplay video that Bryan did but then, it’s the HIAC PPV so maybe not…

We’re in the month of October…the waiting is almost over!!!

Twitter updates
Not much recently…you can use superstar threads in Uni-mode.
Regardless of what those nitwits on the GR8Cast say, there is only THREE DLC packs coming out in total. Not seven.  The glamslam is not in.  HBK has an alt attire or two…one is the tights with the broken hearts designs.  In Uni-mode, you can defend a brands title on another brands show.  As well as being able to do it yourself, Superstars turn heel/face on their own in Uni-mode.


Roster update

The roster’s good. Not fantastic at this very moment but with the coming DLC and the possibility of some great legends, it could be really amazing.

Problem here is again, marketing…they held back some spots and left them a mystery. Now you expect that anyone with any sense keeps the best for last right? Well, I get the feeling that THQ are ass-backwards here. They show us the great array of current stars and then bring out Vinnie Mac, Bearer and Hornswoggle. I’d have been more hyped about Paul Bearer but he seems to have no use at all or anything special about him…no special entrance with Taker, no urn and is non-playable. He’s clearly there for RTWM purposes so then, why hype him as part of the roster? I guess this is the ‘marketing genius’ that Marcus is always telling us we can’t understand.

Hype…that’s the other problem…they give you the idea that something unbeleivable is going to happen and then make you wait forever…teasing but never delivering. In the mean time, everyone’s brains are going a million miles an hour and coming up with wrestlers that fit the hype…like Goldberg…Savage…Warrior…Yokozuna. With this long of a wait, it had better be all of them or else people will be dissapointed whatever the mystery spots unveil.

THQ…for crying out loud. Some common sense here. If you reveal 3 or 4 mystery spots…and you have say, 3 crappy people…then throw in a good one too. The idea should be to keep people talking, keep them happy and to keep them hyped. Throwing out the crapola first will just get people to stop checking back for more. If you take a lick of an ice cream and it tastes like turd, are you going to persistently keep licking in the hopes that the centre tastes good or throw it away?

Mystery 14 update

So we got 5 more yesterday…cool to see Batista’s spotlight entrance but the rest were very underwhelming. Plus, although it was said that a mystery guy or two would be unveiled,  non were (well, actually there was 3).

For some reason Tank went on to give away the 3 mystery spots they’re going to show on Thursday. Paul Bearer and Vince McMahon were hinted (STRONGLY) as well as Hornswoggle (who’s on the WWE.com site). No idea what in the blue hell Horny’s doing on the roster list considering you can’t play as him???

So this week was a bit of a let down for me. We already knew Vinne Mac was in and Paul Bearer let slip a billion years ago that he did VO for RTWM…and Horny is useless. So although a couple more spots will be opened up tomorrow, I’m expecting Chavo and Matt Hardy or someone along those lines. Next week should be way better as they have to be running out of crap to show.

Should be an uncrappy week…

Yes…uncrappy…why? Because not only do we get two roster reveals this week (and fill in some of those mystery spots) but there’ll be a WWE Universe video made public at some point. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess a mystery spot as I don’t really care about the one’s we know going live. I think they’ll reveal just one and I think it’ll be the worst of the bunch. My guess is that if it’s a legend…then JYD. If they unveil a someone no longer actively employed, then I pick Mickie James. Of course, it could be Vinnie Mac as they accidentally showed him on a recent HBK video. Either way, I’m not expecting much (based off the last reveal). Speaking of the last reveal, what’s up with the Hart Dynasty’s ‘7-footer’ double title entrance? Tyson stepping over the top rope? Hopefully, there’s more than one double title entrance (after all, the one we saw wasn’t a new entrance, just an old one with a title also around the waist).

WWETHQ on youtube published this beautiful little nugget on Sunday:

This is more of the type of crap I wanna see…actual gameplay. It looks awesome, the match flows, the new reversals and chain-wrestling works really well…only issue I saw was that Brian was able to play the match, go for specific spots at will while doing commentary and ‘play’ with Jericho on legend setting. So once we’re used to it, it appears that legend difficulty won’t be difficult even when facing a top guy.

I’m very hopeful for Universe mode…it’s pretty much the feature I’ve always wanted in a WWE game. This week we should get to see if it’s going to live up to the hype and if THQ have neglected to show us how limited it really might be. If I were a betting man, based on the stuff we’re getting this year and the freedom that THQ have finally realized they needed to allow us to enjoy, I’d bet that it’ll live up to the hype.

Just ordered my Hitman Edition of SVR 11…can’t wait! But I’m just hopeful that at some point, I can pick up the Ministry Taker attire and TTTT arena…