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No Warrior or Savage…

So I saw that someone had asked a few questions about the likes of Mr.Perfect and Rick Rude and that Marcus had kindly given straight answers…those being no. So I tried my luck with the Warrior, fully expecting a ‘No comment’ and guess what? Marcus surprised me with a ‘No’. It got slightly better when someone else asked about Steamboat and Marcus said ‘No comment’ which usually means yes. However…things went down hill from there. I pushed my luck and asked about Randy Savage…who, I assumed MUST be in as the legends have been hyped so much and they’ve held the roster back so long…I mean, THQ have to be holding on to a BIG name right? Savage is the only one left who hadn’t been said to be not in…and I got back another no. Now in general, people are a little gutted about this. I mean, you can’t say ‘Our legends will blow your mind!’ and ‘I’m shocked at our legends list this year!’ and then deliver the likes of Koko B. Ware and The Red Rooster right? You also can’t say how great your roster is and then go on to sell the good stuff separately as DLC later. If you hype up a game, you hype what’s on the disc. Could they have been referring to the Bulldog & Luger DLC all along? So the question is…have THQ mis-managed peoples expectations as I have spotted and suspected all along? Or do they have some big name that we ruled out for whatever reason. For example RVD.  Could they have bought the license to use him before he signed with TNA? I doubt this very much, but that’s the caliber of surprise people are expecting.

*I also just noticed a straight up ‘No’ to Sid being in 2011.

The Rock & Stone Cold were revealed last week…but they’re in every year – so how would that be shocking?

At this point I suspect they have simply over-hyped and will under-deliver. The THQ guys have stood firmly by their marketing dept. as you would expect, it’s their job, their company…but I personally have felt a lot of frustration this year and Quite a few disappointments which is crazy considering how AMAZING 2011 should be. It should have been a piece of cake to hype this years release.

I would love to be wrong…and there’s still hope that they could ‘shock’ us…but to me, they’ve run out of names to throw at us.


Legends Update

OK…one last time I’m going to give this a shot…

Confirmed ‘No’s
Yokozuna, Rick Rude, Mr.Perfect, Sgt. Slaughter, Virgil, Goldberg, any divas, Ted Dibiase Sr. & Eddie Guerrero

Already Revealed
Hitman, Austin, Rock, Bulldog, Luger

Alphabetic Order? (My guess in parenthesis)
If so, then a lot are ‘knocked out’…
Bret, Bulldog, Luger, ??? (Randy Savage/Ricky Steamboat*), Steve Austin, ??? (Terry Funk), The Rock, ???(Ultimate Warrior), ???(Vader), ??? (No idea!)
*Really can’t decide between the two.

Since there’s 3 spaces left after ‘T’ (The Rock) I’m almost dead certain that Ultimate Warrior is in. If he’s not, I’d struggle big-time to fill in the 3 spots alphabetically. Also, I fully expect Vader to be in. He’s been in before and I’d expect the same model again. As for the remaining ‘no idea’ roster spot…could be someone whose ringname starts with ‘the’…the Big Bossman, The Iron Sheik or The Red Rooster…well, maybe not the Rooster. On the alumni page, there’s Tugboat…again, doubtful. There are others like Umaga and tajiri but like Tugboat…they don’t fit the ‘Legend’ status I expect that they would.

Dead wrestlers & WCW wrestlers.  Marcus and Jon both have said that at least one on the list is a dead wrestler…of course that could be the Bulldog…just not 100% sure since he’s DLC. WCW guy could be DDP…but he doesn’t fit alphabetically. Vader could be considered a WCW guy too…just not likely to be the case.

I expect the Warrior and either Savage/Steamboat…other than that…I’m stumped.

HIAC Video

This past week…

OK, so what happened this past week and what’s going through my noggin…

RTWM Video
One of, if not the biggest things this week was this kick-ass video showing a few new things:

The free-roam looks frickin’ sweet! It was one of the things I was least hyped about as the RTWM never does that much for me…it fun, but not why I buy the game. However, the free-roam has added to the mode so much that I’m actually looking forward to playing them.

The roster reveals…as well as a bunch of wrestlers I’m not too fussed about seeing (I like playing as them but since I knew they’d be there, it’s not much of a ‘reveal’) we also got to see a few mystery spots filled – Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox, two released superstars are on the roster…this is great news on both accounts. We also saw The Rock and Steve Austin revealed. Now, I could have guessed (and did) all four being in this weeks reveal but it’s still great to see them there. Disappointments? Of course, no Austin vest…and a very poor stunner animation. I’ll get over the vest not being in and I’m pretty sure there’ll be more than one stunner in the game, so I can change that up in his moveset. Highlight for me? Without a doubt…the COBRA!!!

There’s a lot of talk about who the remaining 5 legends are. It would appear that THQ have them listed in alphabetic order…so that should help narrow down the possibilities a little…plus, Marcus has said no to a few (Rude, Slaughter, Dibiase Sr. Goldberg, Lawler and a couple more). I still think macho might be in…he could be listed as either Randy Savage or Macho Man and both would have a spot open. Ultimate Warrior would fit in their too…and although everyone’s writing him off because he did very naughty things to Santa in a comic strip, it’s a possibility…plus, Marcus did his ‘No comment’ thing that he did for Austin and Rocky. I’d love to see Curt Hennig as a legend and LOD even more so. Speaking of LOD – the doomsday device is back in this year (confirmed by Marcus) so it might be possible that it’s reanimated BECAUSE LOD are two of the legends? Just a thought. But if you take the alphabetic thing into account, they’d have to be in under ‘Road Warrior Hawk’ or ‘Road Warrior Animal’ to make it. Regardless, if their entrance makes it in again, the shoulder pads and the D-day…I’m a happy fella!

Press Conference Sunday!
Marcus says that there’s a press conference in Dallas on Sunday (HIAC PPV). They should be throwing out a ton of last minute info on stuff like CAW mode, SD and perhaps explaining the 100+ match claim. Knowing the THQ marketing this year…it’ll tell us nothing and just have a bunch of kids playing SVR 11 demos with guest appearances from a few superstars.

New Video in it’s way
Marcus mentioned that a new video has just been completed. I suspect that it might go up on Sunday like the other gameplay video that Bryan did but then, it’s the HIAC PPV so maybe not…

We’re in the month of October…the waiting is almost over!!!

Twitter updates
Not much recently…you can use superstar threads in Uni-mode.
Regardless of what those nitwits on the GR8Cast say, there is only THREE DLC packs coming out in total. Not seven.  The glamslam is not in.  HBK has an alt attire or two…one is the tights with the broken hearts designs.  In Uni-mode, you can defend a brands title on another brands show.  As well as being able to do it yourself, Superstars turn heel/face on their own in Uni-mode.


Roster update

The roster’s good. Not fantastic at this very moment but with the coming DLC and the possibility of some great legends, it could be really amazing.

Problem here is again, marketing…they held back some spots and left them a mystery. Now you expect that anyone with any sense keeps the best for last right? Well, I get the feeling that THQ are ass-backwards here. They show us the great array of current stars and then bring out Vinnie Mac, Bearer and Hornswoggle. I’d have been more hyped about Paul Bearer but he seems to have no use at all or anything special about him…no special entrance with Taker, no urn and is non-playable. He’s clearly there for RTWM purposes so then, why hype him as part of the roster? I guess this is the ‘marketing genius’ that Marcus is always telling us we can’t understand.

Hype…that’s the other problem…they give you the idea that something unbeleivable is going to happen and then make you wait forever…teasing but never delivering. In the mean time, everyone’s brains are going a million miles an hour and coming up with wrestlers that fit the hype…like Goldberg…Savage…Warrior…Yokozuna. With this long of a wait, it had better be all of them or else people will be dissapointed whatever the mystery spots unveil.

THQ…for crying out loud. Some common sense here. If you reveal 3 or 4 mystery spots…and you have say, 3 crappy people…then throw in a good one too. The idea should be to keep people talking, keep them happy and to keep them hyped. Throwing out the crapola first will just get people to stop checking back for more. If you take a lick of an ice cream and it tastes like turd, are you going to persistently keep licking in the hopes that the centre tastes good or throw it away?


Marcus has said on his Twitter account that we should be getting a Universe Mode video today (it’ll end up posted above if it goes live some time soon)…

How will you play Uni-mode? I imagine a lot of people will re-create the current WWE and try to have their Universe mimic TV. I see people saying that and I have to wonder why? and think, what a waste! You have full freedom to rule over a virtual WWE, import whoever you want to your roster via CAWs and push or fire whoever you see fit.

For me, I’ll be taking out a few guys and all of the divas (if there were more matches allowed per show I’d leave them in). I’ll be adding in a whole bunch of legends like Ultimate Warrior, Macho, Jake Roberts, Mr.Perfect, Rick Rude etc. and bringing in some ECW originals (RVD, Dreamer, Crazy, Sabu etc.) and some Japanese and indy guys. Basically, my plan is to meddle with it as little as possible and see what plays out, see who climbs the ranks to the number 1 contender spots. It seems like an awesome concept to be able to have the likes of Mitsuhara Misawa end up battling with the nWo or the Warrior taking on Sheamus for the World title. If I do interject, it’ll be to re-ignite classic feuds like Dreamer versus Raven.

We’re getting some more roster revealed today too…should be nothing special.

For 2012

THQ recently started asking for us to tell them what we want in 2012…so…here’s my 2 cents.

Universe mode is the way forward and the closest thing to what I used to hope for since I was playing WCW/nWo Revenge on the N64. What I’ve heard about Uni-mode at this early stage (we’re getting a video later today I hope) it sounds like a GIANT step in the right direction. However, it can go further…

What I want is to be able to turn on my console and run a wrestling company. I want to be able to play a Raw show, have the intro run and the pyro kick off and then commentators do a quick run down. I love the cut-scenes element and I don’t need audio driven backstage scenes, but some backstage brawls – being jumped in the locker room or attacking someone when they arrive in a car would add a little more depth. Vacating titles and setting up tournaments is something that I don’t think has made it into this game mode? It should be an option.

I want to be able to edit the shows…as in the ring, banners, lights etc. I want to be able to put logos on the ring apron or at least add text. Name the show, assign a title to it and set the roster. Now, I’d suggest that at some point it may come up that the game is so editable that it’s too easy to turn it into something non-WWE…if that’s an issue, simply leave WWE branding here and there. So if we make show called TNA for example 🙂 it’s actually called WWE TNA. You guys sound so close with Uni-mode that there’s not that much to add. Allow us to set music from our HDDs for the show/PPV intros.

Commentators. Select 3 and use a single team for all the shows. That way we can have more varied commentary.

CAW mode…stop putting in parts like the LOD shoulder pads and the LOD entrance but then leaving out their doomsday device finisher. It makes the forementioned parts pointless. It’s the same with just CAW parts…if you put in parts for a legend or a rival companies wrestler, then make sure we can make the rest of the CAW otherwise you might as well have just added in a random part. Speaking of legends, more would be nice 🙂 – if it needs justifying, RTWM with a legend storyline. Hell, how awesome would a Stone Cold or a Rock RTWM be?b RTWM mixed with a ‘Relive’ storyline like in LOWM.

Create a tag entrance and trio entrance would be good but then that’s an obvious next step.

Manager interfreence old-school style like in LOWM.

The freedom in this years title is definitely a big step in the right direction. No more building up CAWs, restrictions on downloaded CAWs etc. Keep lifting restrictions that are a pain in the ass. Example: only certain moves as finishers. Codes to unlock is great too. Some of us want everything from the start without having to spend 50 hours unlocking everything. There’s a lot of SVR players who aren’t kids and we don’t have as much time to play all day.

A good rule to follow…games are not supposed to be work…they’re fun. Last two years, building up CAWs was so much hard work that it was pretty much impossible to do more than a few times.

Create a taunt was cool way back when. I’d welcome it back.

Struggle submissions are awesome but the way it should work is that when the player in the submission hold struggles past a certain point, they start to wriggle loose. Ex. Boston crab…if the guy in the hold wiggles the right stick enough, he starts to lift himself up and edge towards the ropes. If the guy putting on the hold wriggles the stick enough he pulls him back to the centre. It’s a pretty logical next step.

Story designer, to me, becomes pointless if Universe mode can create the feuds and stories for me. Focus on Uni-mode or find a way to allow both modes to share scenes/moments so they both have the most available to them as they can.

Weight detection. Definitely overdue in my humble opinion. I tend to avoid booking matches with, say, Rey Mysterio versus Big Show to avoid having to see Rey throw Show around like a cruiserweight.

If any THQ employee reads this, I’m honored. If THQ takes any of this to heart and implements any part of it…thank you.